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2009) aimed to set up a methodology that simplifies parametrical studies during the design process of a low energy building.
The suspension period is parametrical, and is initially defined as 15 minutes for the stocks traded with continuous auction trading method, or for the rest of the session, if there is less than fifteen minutes to the end of the session.
The high accuracy classification in this case is difficult because the parametrical descriptions of the textures are high correlated.
Differences between the two periods were estimated with the help of parametrical functions (SAS Institute Inc.
Therefore, some parametrical dependence between R and N can be expected.
An almost equal bias between the wave heights modelled with the use of the second-generation HYPAS (stands for HYbrid PArametrical Shallow Water; Gunther & Rosenthal 1995) model and MESAN wind fields (19 cm on average in 1999) was identified by Jonsson et al.
For example, in the later central-planning proposal, firm managers were supposed to make autonomous decisions according to a given price structure, where prices have a parametrical function.
During loading of concrete usually two parametrical points [f.
Mentioned values of the parameters p0 and D were determined on the basis of the direct method of parametrical identification, i.