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Besides the common eosinophilia occurring during allergic reactions and parasitic manifestations, it is likely that some patients with solid tumors will develop eosinophilia as one of the paraneoplastic syndromes, which is mediated by the actions of cytokines, especially when treatment-related tumor necrosis and/or metastasis into bone marrow have also been confirmed.
In conclusion, since most of the reported cases were concurred with primary neoplasm or relapse, and resolved after the treatment targeted to the underlying malignancies, AOSD seems to be a paraneoplastic syndrome.
Paraneoplastic syndromes come from tumours that produce and secrete hormone like substances.
In contrast to a traditional paraneoplastic syndrome, malignancy appears to be a vasculitis-triggering factor characterized by a disassociation of the clinical courses.
Bennett JL, Galetta SL, Frohman LP, et al: Neuro-ophthalmologic manifestations of a paraneoplastic syndrome and testicular carcinoma.
POEMS syndrome is a underlying plasma cell dyscrasia related paraneoplastic syndrome and CD is one of the major criteria in the diagnosis of this disease.
It occurs most often as a paraneoplastic syndrome when a cancer remote to the brain induces cerebellar dysfunction that is unrelated to metastasis.
1), (2) In addition, it may present as paraneoplastic syndrome, a musculoskeletal manifestation of malignancies.
This paraneoplastic syndrome is usually one of the presenting symptoms of the disease.

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