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A child on the wrong side of the parapet at Ledgard Bridge, Mirfield
We asked them why they hadn't made their parapet higher so that in the day they could walk upright instead of having to crawl about in their two doubles.
Bridge maintenance engineers have assessed the damage and determined that partial dismantling of the damaged parapet will be required and repairs to the pier at river level, and to the face of pedestrians landings are necessary.
Engineers have assessed the wall and the removal of a section of the masonry parapet is expected to take place this morning.
The height of the parapet along the Skyway is only 0.
A goods train's guard cheated death by hanging onto the parapet 150ft above the river below after his van caught fire in a collision between two trains.
Parapet walls and chimney stacks are always exposed to the weather, no matter which way the wind is blowing.
Above The Parapet Un-Convention is an extended version of the monthly Above The Parapet nights run by Shipyard Songwriters, which are a platform for songwriters, musicians, writers and poets to perform their own work.
A Dubai Municipality official said the parapet gave way after a cradle was mistakenly or carelessly place on it.
Water control layer: no membrane under the parapet flashing;
The cost is significantly lower than would usually be the case because the parapet was replaced as part of a bigger scheme.
In the most severe cases, it may be necessary to completely rebuild the parapet wall with steel reinforcing bars dowelled into the structure below the roof line.