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The same thing seems to have happened to paraphrasable meaning: the recognition that poetry was something more than its language's paraphrasable meaning has become the dogma that paraphrasable meaning is unpoetic, or at least that a poem approaches the poetic in so far as it is unparaphrasable.
But the movie doesn't play at the paraphrasable level.
As such, these works do not serve language or aesthetic pleasure or generic considerations - some of the ends one might customarily attribute to novels - but degenerate into mere paraphrasable statements, statements, not so incidentally, of politically correct ideas of the late-twentieth century concerning 'women's appropriation by men'.
Hoover explains that "A poem is not 'about' something, a paraphrasable narrative, symbolic nexus, or theme; rather, it is the actuality of words" (xxxvi).
If (11) is true because of Jessica's prior choice, then it will be appropriately paraphrasable as
W]hat Burke "has to say is not a matter just of |content' or narrow paraphrasable meaning,
Signification alone might produce an "off-text" (a fully paraphrasable text) or a "metatext" (a text with tactical dabs of knowingness), both of which would reduce Guest's redoubtable language-quiddity to a springboard for what would be consummated elsewhere.
In this schema, the middle VP is said to be formally active but semantically passive and to be paraphrasable as "can be V-ed".
Even further, "what he [the sage] has to say is not a matter just of "content" or narrow paraphrasable meaning, but is transfused by the whole texture of his writing as it constitutes an experience for the reader" (pp.
is what proves the need for a dualistic system, generating history and spatiality and limits and linguistic signification and paraphrasable personal identity.
But by encoding fictional events as paraphrasable, complex fictions anchor those events in the interactional world where stories do social work by being told and retold.