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In the steam that arose from under her iron, and on the surfaces of the dainty lawns and muslins that flew under her hands, she kept visioning herself in the Pine Street cottage; and steadily she hummed under her breath her paraphrase of the latest popular song:
They had a little conchological cabinet, and a little metallurgical cabinet, and a little mineralogical cabinet; and the specimens were all arranged and labelled, and the bits of stone and ore looked as though they might have been broken from the parent substances by those tremendously hard instruments their own names; and, to paraphrase the idle legend of Peter Piper, who had never found his way into their nursery, If the greedy little Gradgrinds grasped at more than this, what was it for good gracious goodness' sake, that the greedy little Gradgrinds grasped it!
Nobody believed them, because little Rogue Riderhood--I am tempted into the paraphrase by remembering the charming wolf who would have rendered society a great service if he had devoured Mr Riderhood's father and mother in their infancy--had previously played fast and loose with the said charges, and, in fact, abandoned them.
The style in which it was written was that curious jewelled style, vivid and obscure at once, full of argot and of archaisms, of technical expressions and of elaborate paraphrases, that characterizes the work of some of the finest artists of the French school of Symbolistes.
Plenty of its other writing remains in the shape of religious prose--sermons, lives and legends of saints, biblical paraphrases, and similar work in which the monastic and priestly spirit took delight, but which is generally dull with the dulness of medieval commonplace didacticism and fantastic symbolism.
Muller's use of light underscored this theatricality, a successful paraphrase of Poelzig's understanding of "architecture as illusion"--as a Gesamtkunstwerk of color, form, light, language, and movement.
Boyer said the sign was a paraphrase of a quote by Bratton reported last year when the chief was referring to the police department's treatment of home alarms as low-priority items, since the vast majority of them turn out to be false and a waste of officers' time.
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He considers the transcription to be the closest to a literal rendition of the original, the paraphrase the freest, and the arrangement as the middle of the road between the other two.
Is the above paraphrase an accurate reflection of the stated source?
When you talk about love, to paraphrase Patti LaBelle, you should be talking 'bout shame.
TO PARAPHRASE THE TITLE OF THE MUSICAL comedy song, the homilist's lot is not a happy one.