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Erasmus is not only more historical than Acts when it comes to factual detail; he is also more interested in causality than is the text he paraphrases.
Both paraphrases suggest a connection between divine justice and social justice, specifically spiritual redemption and secular freedom.
What these paraphrases achieve is, of course, merely a description of the sense of Othello, not an expression of that sense: only the work itself can supply such an expression, and in that restricted respect the doctrine that sense is ineffable can be upheld.
The Paraphrase on Matthew was Erasmus's first chance to set out a full portrait of the life of Jesus as he understood it.
Pesther Waltzer by Joseph Lanner, Paraphrase for piano (1948) (DOB)
The book begins with a fine introduction by Mark Vessey and is then divided, somewhat arbitrarily, into eight chapters examining Erasmus' production of the Paraphrases and five examining their reception, including the printing process and translation into French and English.
Even when he paraphrases the great modernists--Alexander Rodchenko, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, or Man Ray--he reveals that the age of mechanical wonders has itself grown old.
What makes this interesting reading is Braun's well-researched anecdotes, quotes and paraphrases of the words of well-known composers.
Heath's "Erasmus and the Psalms" considers the differences between two groups of commentaries: Erasmus' Paraphrases on the New Testament, which succeeded so well as pastoral material, and his much freer and more varied paraphrases of the first four Psalms.
Holy Scripture Speaks: The Production and Reception of Erasmus' Paraphrases on the New Testament.
The Pianist's Guide to Transcriptions, Arrangements, and Paraphrases, by Maurice Hinson.
He organized his works into nine orders: (1) literature and education, (2) adages, (3) letters, (4) moral questions, (5) religious instruction, (6) the New Testament with annotations, (7) paraphrases, (8) defenses, and (9) edited letters of Jerome and other fathers.