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By parasitical political pricing I mean something similar to what Maffeo Pantaleoni (1911) set forth in treating a system of political prices as being a parasitical attachment to a system of market prices.
Table 4 shows that hair goat farming activities such as grazing kid selling barn disinfection cheese selling vaccination bathing for mites shearing internal and external parasitical disinfection are male dominated activities whereas activities like milking and barn cleaning are female's domain and the rest of the activities were carried out both female and male.
Their comfortable cars with the red lights atop, their bungalows and retinues of sycophants and parasitical hangers-on soon make them forget the discomfort of the backward areas.
However, pirate societies were not only parasitical (which Leeson does explicitly acknowledge: p.
As a result, post-modern Westerners reluctant to employ the full power of their weapons face technologically parasitical religious zealots respecting no limits on violence.
We also give an upper bound on the degree of X, and we show that the focal locus F contains a parasitical linear component of codimension two.
We need no more proof of the barbarity of capitalism, the parasitical system that exploits humanity and nature alike.
Rebeka never leaves her Budapest apartment again, becoming a parasitical nuisance to her strangely conflicted son.
It is crucial that the Tribunal be insulated from the political talkers whose contributions from now onwards will only be parasitical and, hopefully, inconsequential.
continues his effort to raise public awareness about parasitical infections that do not make the headlines, and to advocate for the mostly very poor people living in the remote and rural regions where they are endemic.
In the manner of language,' Raleigh wrote, 'we lead a parasitical existence and are always quoting.
And again life in refugee camps is very restricted and quite parasitical.