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kuehniella eggs with an orifice), percentage of parasitism (proportion of parasitized eggs [blackened eggs] x 100), number of adults emerged per egg (number of emerged individuals per number of eggs with an orifice), longevity of female offspring, and sex ratio (number of females / total number of emerged individuals).
4 shows that the action of the parasitic procession is felt more in the third larval stage (L3) where the rate of parasitism is 55%.
Parasites that emerged from the reared specimens were identified, and overall parasitism rate was calculated as the total number of parasitized cells/the total number of host cells reared for each host taxon.
After 48 hours period of parasitism, covers were opened and plant debris was removed from the jars with the help of hands and pupae were sieved from the plant debris surface through the help of sieving net and kept into glass vials through camel hair brush to monitor the parasitization.
parva is a component species of the wood mouse host only in the non-burned area in Serra Calderona, which is verified by the greater prevalence as well as the average parasitism intensities registered in the control area.
Gastrointestinal tract (GIT) parasitism is one of the major health issues in equines worldwide (Morris et al.
The prevalence of gastrointestinal parasitism caused by these helminthes is continuously increasing and the reason of increasing gastrointestinal parasitism is their antigenic variation.