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After 48 hours period of parasitism, covers were opened and plant debris was removed from the jars with the help of hands and pupae were sieved from the plant debris surface through the help of sieving net and kept into glass vials through camel hair brush to monitor the parasitization.
The influence of host fruit morphology on parasitization rates of the caribbean fruit fly, Anastrepha suspensa.
One of the first studies that demonstrated parasitization of the placenta by P.
Effects of heavy and repeated malaria infections on Gambian infants and children: effects of erythrocyte parasitization.
Parasitization of Ocular Leukocytes by Mollicute-Like Organisms.
Likewise, the life cycle of the most common parasites in the cattle drove and their levels of parasitization should be known before applying any parasiticide.
The apparently low incidence of insect parasitism in the crane flies may be due to lack of data, but I found only four instances of parasitization in the thousands of crane flies from the Reserve that were examined as larvae, pupae, or adults.
Mortality by parasitization in the association between the egg-pupal parasitoid Fopius arisanus and Ceratitis capitata.
Parasitization of fall armyworm larvae on volunteer corn, bermudagrass and paragrass.