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Of the five species, Savannah Sparrow was the primary host for Brown-headed Cowbirds with ~11% of nests parasitized (Table 5).
Heavily parasitized by bronzed and brown-headed cowbirds, hooded orioles declined at Santa Ana NWR in the 1950s and 1960s and were extirpated by 1973 (Gehlbach, 1987).
Supply hereinafter parasitized bags Anaphes nitens.
Opossums, raccoons and striped skunks were parasitized by a relatively low diversity of ectoparasites in this study when compared to ectoparasites reported from the same host species in other regions.
The bees also physically removed infected larvae that had been parasitized by the fungus and were being used to create fungal spores.
Probable mechanism of pancreatitis in this malaria is capillary blockage by parasitized RBCs and acute haemolysis.
Commonly parasitized organs (lungs, liver, gall bladder, stomach, small intestine, caecum, and large intestine) were removed and examined for presence of parasites (see Schmidt 1992).
Virtually all the known 950 species of sharks and rays are parasitized by tapeworms.
Overall, 36 shipments were made to CMAVE from SABCL, and they included 397 fire ant colonies (204 infected with diseases, 136 parasitized with phorid flies or parasitic ants, and 57 healthy).