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Differences in the frequency of parasitized and nonparasitized clams (prevalence) for each gonad development stage (rest, development, ripe, spawning, and spent) and season of the year were evaluated using a chi-square test ([chi square]).
Caption: Pest Control Advisor Larry Whitted (right) and organic grower Jay Leone examine a grapevine leaf for parasitized mealybugs in Leone's Lodi vineyard during the Lodl Winegrape Commission's mealybug biocontrol field day.
6 show that the parasitic procession is also more felt in the third larval stage (L3), where the rate of parasitism is 43%, the larvae of the second stage (L2) are parasitized to 23%, the pupae are parasitized 20% and pre-nymphs at 14%.
Deposits and Guarantees required: Lot 1 Bags parasitized with Anaphes nitens 33 750 EUR.
Standard length and weight data determined the relative condition factor (Kn), comparing parasitized and non-parasitized fish (Le-Cren, 1951) by test t.
Raising cowbird hatchlings among a brood extracts a toll on host species, despite countermeasures ranging from rejecting or destroying the intruder's eggs or chicks to abandoning the parasitized nests.
Prevalence was calculated as the total number of parasitized bivalves divided by the number of examined bivalves and intensity as the number of parasites per histological section divided by the number of parasitized bivalves.
radiata was removed after 24 h and the number of parasitized nymphs was estimated after 7 days by counting mummified nymphs.
Laboratory dissection of 214 bugs collected from an early planted soybean field in Auburn, AL revealed that this fly parasitized females (9.