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Two out of the collection of parcels in her arms fell from them on the stairs.
It was his friend of the Harwich train, the stumpy little cure of Essex whom he had warned about his brown paper parcels.
In a single state, if the persons intrusted with supreme power become usurpers, the different parcels, subdivisions, or districts of which it consists, having no distinct government in each, can take no regular measures for defense.
I finished this work in about a fortnight; and I think my powder, which in all was about two hundred and forty pounds weight, was divided in not less than a hundred parcels.
Here's the clothes-basket for the small parcels, John, if you've got any there--where are you, John?
A bearded porter emerged with the parcel in one hand and an entry book in the other.
After half an hour of bargaining, during which Captain Van Horn had insisted on the worthlessness of the parcel, he had bought a fat pig worth five dollars and exchanged it for her.
The parcel being untied proved to have two smaller packages within, and Rebecca opened with trembling fingers the one addressed to her.
And the bones of Joseph, which the children of Israel brought up out of Egypt, buried they in Shechem, in a parcel of ground which Jacob bought of the sons of Hamor the father of Shechem for a hundred pieces of silver.
In the month of June last, do you remember a parcel arriving for Mr.
And Monsieur de Marquet explained that there were on the dust of the pavement marks of two footsteps, as well as the impression, freshly-made, of a heavy rectangular parcel, the marks of the cord with which it had been fastened being easily distinguished.
At last it was all settled, even to the destination of the parcel.