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The opportunity being too favourable to be lost, Mrs Plornish displayed her great accomplishment by explaining with pardonable pride to Mr Baptist, 'E ope you leg well soon.
And is it not pardonable if I feel sensitive, when I see a disposition on her part to take me up short?
Tracy Tupman--the too susceptible Tupman, who to the wisdom and experience of maturer years superadded the enthusiasm and ardour of a boy in the most interesting and pardonable of human weaknesses--love.
You are in a hurry, no doubt, to exhibit your acquirements; and I don't blame you, that's quite pardonable.
The association also called for a base 10 per cent tax credit for companies that operate in remote northern areas, in addition to either a 15 per cent investment tax credit for eligible infrastructure, or a pardonable 25 per cent conditionally repayable contribution for infrastructure investments.
Politics has been so messed up that no one is caring for it, he said adding 20 poor labourers were killed mercilessly recently in Turbat Balochistan and this terror act is non pardonable.
And in this weather, when the cold wave seems to have mellowed and the sun is asserting its right to be seen, there's no pleasure more hedonistic, no sin as pardonable, as the joy of savouring an indulgent afternoon in the company of a preponderance of food.
If a person from a cemaat [community] says 'dog,' it may pardonable, but if a leader of a community such as an imam of a mosque uses the same words, it might be necessary to take him out of the mosque," GE-len said.
My father, who--rest be to his soul had the exceedingly bad habit of yielding to my mother in large things and taking his own way in little ones, allowed me, without saying a word, to be thus withdrawn from the sherry trade as an unclean thing; not without some pardonable participation in my mother's ultimate views for me.
The RJD, JD-U, Congress and the Left have gone on relentlessly attacking BJP's PM pick for 2002 Gujarat communal riots and say his "act" is not pardonable.
It was a pardonable error: moreover, at the time she was probably trying to persuade me to have a third slice of cake If only people would listen
50) As a consequence of these actions of Babangida's regime, the wrong signal was sent to public officials and the general public that corruption in the public sector was a pardonable offence, thus making conformance to ethical standards appear to be foolish.