pare down

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To some degree, all discuss the need to pare down government, to make it smaller.
So rather than draw up concrete plans for reducing the state payroll, legislators instead agreed on an ambiguous commitment to pare down the bureaucracy by 1,000 workers - over the course of nearly two years, never mind that the state needs to start saving money now.
If any company is having difficulty and looking to unload something to pare down debt, any reasonable observer would say another company would take a look at it,'' said David Joyce, an analyst with Guzman & Co.
Also Friday, the Police Commission named a 15-member blue-ribbon panel to help draw up the criteria the commission will use to pare down the list of finalists.
And with only about two weeks to go before the season opener at Santa Ana and only 85 available uniforms, Lyon must find a way to pare down the roster.
Beginning (today) negotiations will resume to impress upon you their commitment that Los Angeles will be rolling again,'' said Assemblyman Herb Wesson, D-Los Angeles, a legislative ``fact finder'' brought in Saturday to pare down the issues and expedite negotiations.