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If some families in the community hold the perception that parental involvement in the school is inappropriate, parent liaisons (representative of the various parent populations and speaking their languages) can be trained to establish and maintain contact with families and to explain the benefits their participation can have for their children.
Selection means to select some of the best fit chromosomes from parent population according to some selection criteria (eg.
Generally, evolution strategy has a parent population size [mu] and an offspring population size [lambda].
With applets illustrating the sampling distribution for a statistic, for example, students generally only see the parent population distribution and the sampling distribution of the statistic.
Conduct a local study to assess the motivational factors and camper benefits most important to their parent population.
We include strategies that encourage teachers to get to know their student and parent population better by going to community events, interviewing community and family members and inviting parents to share their "funds of knowledge.
But more than 80 percent of the parent population voted to support mandatory uniforms, and the school board said it now will consider changing the policy.
In time, different Roma social groups broke away from the parent population and founded new, isolated communities around the world.

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