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Mark Bedard is Director of Marketing at Parlance, which helps leading healthcare facilities, colleges and universities, and large enterprises deliver a positive caller experience, drive efficient operations, and move beyond yesterday's call handling practices.
Fueled by Saudi oil money, the Wahhabi (more properly, if less commonly in Western parlance, called Salafis) have become the missionaries of the Muslim world.
The Filocolo is a work in prose, written by Boccaccio in Naples, between 1336 and 1338, to comply with the wish of Princess Maria (more familiarly known as Fiammetta), the daughter of King Robert of Anjou, who wanted a "worthier" book with which to rescue the Medieval Legend of Florio and Biancifiore from the "fanciful parlance of the ignorant".
When the hemispheres were about 3 millimeters apart, detectors recorded a steep rise in neutron production, signaling that a chain reaction was, in nuke parlance, going critical.
The button in the lower left-hand corner of the screen labeled Chat has, in Internet parlance, "gone live".
Taking shots at the government for some malfeasance or misfeasance is, in editor's parlance, "shooting fish in a barrel.
Participants used, or learned to use, the parlance typically found in Alcoholics Anonymous meetings as well as customs such as not interrupting or correcting others.
In database parlance, this type of data corruption is called the "lost write" phenomena.
Since then, and since the term reengineering became one of the most overused words in business parlance, the fanfare has died down, but the essential ideas put forth in that manifesto for change have made significant inroads throughout corporate America - and even in the metalcasting industry.
5) In today's parlance, this area is known as the "lunging distance" of the arrestee.
Having eliminated their organic creators, these berserk machines--"Berserkers" in human parlance--have now turned their microchips toward the unfortunate inhabitants of planet Earth--"Badlife" in machine parlance.