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Early in Canadian parliamentary history, a need was identified for parliamentarians to have access to tailored information and knowledge to help them fulfil their roles as legislators, decision-makers and representatives of the people.
The House office currently includes parliamentarian Chris Griesel, a deputy, one clerk and a session-only.
Dr Gurirab added that people also expect parliamentarians to solve their personal problems.
Students Rajab, Sohail and Rashid said every government department of the country had some criteria for recruiting its employees but the parliamentarians enjoyed relaxation at the time of being elected.
She said six parliamentarians were either killed or wounded, while most of the victims were schoolchildren who had gathered in the area to welcome them.
The meeting decided that the development funds for minorities parliamentarians would be equally distributed among them.
Working Arab Parliamentarians agendas feature democratic processes boosting and the preservation of human rights within the frame work of a socio-economic development process.
New Delhi, Aug 9 (ANI): A delegation of Nepalese women parliamentarians met Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar and opposition leader Sushma Swaraj here on Monday.
Under the Constitution a parliamentarian is not bound by imperative mandate, then why a parliamentarian should be bound by the stance of the political party leader?
To question, he said, the exchange of parliamentarian delegations would help bring together the people and leadership on both sides.
No Parliamentarian would be allowed to bring guest in the Parliamentarian house without security approval, she said in her remarks during the Assembly session on Tuesday.

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