parlous state

See: peril
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It was clear that the miscreant was in a parlous state.
This parlous state of affairs is a direct result of New Labour's idiotic target of sending 50% of young people to university, turning higher education into a business like widget manufacture.
Where would they be now with the parlous state of the North Sea oil industry?
Despite the tumult of that history, he leaves the Arab world in a more parlous state than at any point in recent decades, with civil war in Syria and Iraq, chaos in Yemen and Libya and an uncertain political transition in Egypt.
There were rumours yesterday that Hadi may have left Yemen, which would leave his supporters in a parlous state.
They continually put forward the tried and failed policies that have put this country in such a parlous state.
Do you recall the smoke screen that Mr Cameron put up to hide the parlous state of his own NHS in England?
But Birmingham City Council's finances are in a parlous state.
He added that uncertainty over Scotland's currency arrangements 'could prompt capital flight from the country, leaving its financial system in a parlous state.
The root cause of the current situation is the failed attempt by Mark Moore and Ryan Whitcut to use the club's own money to purchase Bradford Bulls from Omar Khan, who had left the club in a parlous state.
EMMERDALE (7pm ITV) AS SHE tries to patch up her farm business, Moira goes to ask her brother-in-law James for help, but discovers that his farm is in an even more parlous state than her own.
ONCE you get away from Adam Scott and Jason Day, Australian golf is in a pretty parlous state and a right old collection of hasbeens is on parade in the Top Oz Select market at the Canadian Open, writes Jeremy Chapman.