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Why, the fact is, he's fond of teaching, and wishes to keep up his studies, and a clergyman has but little opportunity for that in his parochial duties.
Even though we may be short-term and parochial in our policy view, we're all going to probably live here for rest of our lives.
Catholic Conference enlisted the aid of Marian Wright Edelman of the Children's Defense Fund to secure the passage of the Act for Better Child Care with language that authorized government funds for after-school care in parochial schools using teachers from the schools as child care providers.
The practice of prayer and meditation, the commitment to a global ethic, and the lack of parochial thinking were but some of the repeating designs of the parliament's weave that particularly struck this American Catholic pilgrim.
The old policy deals with the issue of whether vouchers can be used to finance parochial schools.
The result: $125,000 was raised for New York City underprivileged children who attend parochial schools in Harlem and the South Bronx.
They headed mainly for the parochial schools, which subsequently became integration's great success story, even as the public schools became integration's great failure.
CHICAGO -- More Than 150 Students Representing Every Public, Private and Parochial Chicago High School to Receive Scholarship
For the six-year-old collected a staggering 6,000-plus Wish tokens for Whickham Parochial Primary.
Christian Brothers Institute of Michigan that "nothing in the [Labor Mediation Act] expressly grants the MERC jurisdiction over labor issues that arise in parochial schools.
The CEF scholarships will help offset the costs for more than 5,500 children from Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara counties to attend parochial schools, said Rob Smith, president of the foundation's board of trustees.
Catholics, as well as those in other developed countries, have come to disagree with their church leadership on such issues as divorce, remarriage after divorce, contraception, abortion, clerical celibacy, ordination of women, the importance of parochial education, and democracy within the church.