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She was paroled to Palmdale so she would be at least 35 miles away from the Los Angeles victim, Saunders said.
A parolee brought a pro se [section] 1983 action against parole officers, alleging that he had been paroled to an unsafe residence and effectively compelled to remain there.
The Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles paroled the nearly 4,000 inmates through so-called "special dockets" for nonviolent offenders.
In 1941 Eugene P, a young African American, was paroled having served two and a half years of his three to ten year sentence for larceny.
The APAI Parole Board Survey 2005 found 12 states that discretionarily paroled more than 50 percent and three states that paroled less than 12 percent of those released during 2005.
Schwarzenegger signed the executive order Friday to implement recommendations of the High Risk Sex Offender Task Force he appointed last month, after the ouster of the state parole chief following revelations that paroled sex offenders were placed in motels and hotels near Disneyland.
State parole agents fulfill a similar role in supervising offenders who have been paroled from maximum prison sentences of two years or longer.
An inmate who was denied paroled filed a [section] 1983 action against a state claiming that procedures used at his parole hearing violated his due process rights, and that a state law that permitted the parole board to defer an inmate's next parole hearing for ten years violated the Ex Post Facto Clause of the Constitution.
PALMDALE -- Satellite-tracking devices are being strapped on the ankles of 40 paroled rapists and other high-risk sex offenders in the Antelope Valley in the first use in Los Angeles County of GPS technology to keep track of sex offenders.
The program authorized the boards to place inmates who are not paroled but released due to good conduct abatement on mandatory supervision, as if on parole.