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The parrot, Polynesia, was sitting in the window looking out at the rain and singing a sailor-song to herself.
I fancy that if your late parrot had heard it, he would have fallen off his perch.
The man who immediately preceded her was a fellow of powerful build, yet, when a brilliantly colored parrot swooped downward toward him, he dropped upon his knees and covering his face with his arms bent forward until his head touched the ground.
Friend Conseil," said Ned, gravely, "the parrot is like pheasant to those who have nothing else.
The next day when the husband came back he asked the parrot what he had seen.
Having told the Prince all this, the Fairy went out in hopes of seeing the parrot, and soon returned with the bird in her hand.
To those who had never seen the parrot, she described him minutely.
You can Poll Parrot enough when you ain't wanted to Poll Parrot, you perwerse jade
Spare us your elegiac tones," said the Parrot giggling.
And the parrot would say, with great rapidity, "Pieces of eight
We was all staring at him surprised, especially Uncle Dick Tuxton, whose particular pet the parrot was.
Then she added: 'Sit down,' and composed herself voluptuously, in a nest of crimson and gold cushions, on an ottoman near the parrot.