partial change

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4 A $2,50,000 addition permit is under review for a tenant improvement and addition for a new tenant and partial change of occupancy at 600 S.
However, when a regime gets burdened with popular, international, and economic pressures, it will falter and undergo partial change.
P Saxton, partial change of use from residential to shop at lower ground and ground-floors, with first and second-floors to remain as residential 365 Wakefield Road, Denby Dale.
He furthered that this edition includes a partial change in the conditions and a major one in the criteria, which now follows the European excellence model.
Forty-one percent of the surveyed voters said they would like to see a comprehensive change in the way the municipality they live in is being run, while 34% said they would like to see a partial change.
There was a partial change of personnel at the end of day one and the team said goodbye to Sam Burdis, Andrew Liang and Neil Shi, who had all contributed good wins in the course of the day.
4318 Pacific Highway, $173,000 for tenant improvement: interior remodel including partial change of occupancy of warehouse space to retail area.
Now is a good time for those considering a full or partial change of ownership to take stock of their options.
However, at the moment, crucial details - regarding gas prices or a partial change in the calculation of prices based on a "basket" of oil products - are not known(1).
Its partial change of attitude in adopting a more realistic foreign policy towards the international community to reach a common ground with them over the nuclear issue has not been followed up by any tangible change in its repressive domestic policies where the Iranian people's democratic and human rights are still being systematically abused by the regime.
Carry-ons also need to be small these days, but pack at least a partial change of clothes--minimum: underwear and socks.
0 percent sought partial change of the supreme law including Article 9, 16.