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Deformation twinning can be considered to be a result of the fact that partial dislocations glide on successive slip planes.
He finished this year's Super-12 campaign in devastating fashion after recovering from a partial dislocation of his left shoulder last October.
Having struggled through the second and third Tests when not fully fit, in the wake of partial dislocation and tendon damage to his left shoulder, Muralitharan's long-term fitness will not be risked in the limited overs tournament.
Meanwhile, Sri Lanka coach Dav Whatmore defended the decision to play off-spinner Muttiah Muralitharan despite him not being able to bat or field properly because of his sore left shoulder, which is still recovering from partial dislocation and tendon damage.
Under the new law, members being forced to move out of government quarters at the government's convenience, not their own will, receive a partial dislocation allowance of $500.
Developmental dysplasia of the hip is a spectrum of abnormalities ranging from frank and partial dislocation to an instability in which the femoral head comes in and out of the socket, as well as an array of acetabulum malformations.
A partial dislocation where the upper arm bone is partially in and partially out of the socket is called a subluxation.
We believe the recent wave of enterprise vendor consolidation has created a partial dislocation of the technology market and an opportunity for RCM to offer innovative bundled solutions.
They will be without in-form blindside flanker Tom Smith in Connacht and perhaps for longer after he suffered a partial dislocation of a knee against Edinburgh.

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