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It stated in a statement, Fiji Airways has previously expressed its concerns to ASPA on its Secretary s biased public comments on the issue and urged it to remain neutral and follow its mandate of capacity building and cooperation of the South Pacific airlines in a fair and professional way without partiality .
It argues that there is no one it is irrational to love, that it is rational to act with partiality to those we love, and that the rationality of doing so is not conditional on love.
Later on Friday, however, Argentina's economy ministry issued a statement accusing Griesa of "clear partiality in favor of the vulture funds.
Had he done the same earlier, the Congress would have not faced such an embarrassment, but the Congress talking about partiality in the House is laughable," said Raut.
With the conclusion that the presidential elections were peaceful and non-violent elections, it is still hard to say whether they were fair and democratic, this assessment is due to the partiality of the media and the non-distinction of the state and partisan activity in the campaign.
The administrative court suspended for three times works of ISIE, for partiality of the authority and non-compliance with the evaluation grid.
Global Banking News-December 10, 2013--Los Angeles accuses banks of partiality
A common weakness that weighs down introductory texts in Christian ethics is the author's tendency to show partiality for a particular way of doing ethics.
Boies adds, "The defendants are further entitled to have the case decided by a judge who does not have the appearance of partiality.
The campaign cash, paired with Lally-Green's teaching relationship with Mack, demonstrated evident partiality in violation of Section 10(a)(2) of the Federal Arbitration Act, Freeman argued.
I though my usual prayer - that the Toon enjoy their game more than the opposition - might show partiality so I amended it to: Father let the team who enjoy it more be successful today.
Findings: The mediator did not conduct a balanced process, did not act in a dignified manner, gave the appearance of partiality, and did not show sensitivity toward the complainant parties; specifically in his comments about the complainant's appearance, her jewelry, and the possible outcome of the case.

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