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On the following morning it was seen that one of the corpses had been partially devoured.
This they wore either supported entirely about the waist by a leathern thong, so that it hung partially below the knee on one side, or possibly looped gracefully across one shoulder.
And then the pleasure of preparing them and making them even more beautiful than in life partially recompenses one for their loss.
Long before they reached it they had been guided by the huge fire the natives had built in the center of a hastily improvised BOMA, partially for warmth and partially to keep off chance lions.
He breathed with difficulty, and was only partially able to relieve himself by coughing.
The walls were partially ceiled with thin strips of wood, nicely fitted and finished, partially plastered and the rest covered with a fine, woven cloth.
Jimmie partially suppressed a howl and darted down the stairway.
The hanging tapestry over the inner door had been left partially drawn aside.
In these coral formations, where the land and water seem struggling for mastery, it must be ever difficult to decide between the effects of a change in the set of the tides and of a slight subsidence: that many of these reefs and atolls are subject to changes of some kind is certain; on some atolls the islets appear to have increased greatly within a late period; on others they have been partially or wholly washed away.
It represents but an attempt on my part--a very feeble one perhaps--to give the reader what little help I can in surmounting difficulties which a long study of Nietzsche's life and works has enabled me, partially I hope, to overcome.
All the time he was studying his host, wondering at his air of only partially suppressed excitement.
Pickwick's eye fell upon a small broken stone, partially buried in the ground, in front of a cottage door.

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