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The first phase target for Global Hotel Rewards is 1,000 participating hotels in 60 countries, with 3.
On December 9, 2005, each participating HISC office will host a gift-wrapping event.
More than 600 participating nonprofit organizations employ these individuals and provide quality goods and services to the Federal Government at a fair price.
These programs involve the measurement of a property of the same item or group of items circulated among the participating laboratories.
12) A participating interest does not include a debt or a derivative contract, unless the contract can be settled through the delivery of a participating interest in an NRE.
The duration of staying in an initial, low paying job is lower for those in a subsidy program than for those who are not participating in a wage subsidy program.
Among the significant gaps in the majority's reasoning is its failure to consider the individual and social ramifications of deterring any student (whether or not they use drugs) from participating in after school activities.
We also designed and distributed a survey to describe the resources available to hospitals participating in stimulated passive surveillance and to assess ICPs' experiences with surveillance activities.
They said, "financial-services professionals claiming the unequivocal superiority of participating whole life should understand that, on average, about 300 basis points per year (over 10 years) are sacrificed when choosing participating whole life over universal life.
Upon completion of the reviews, participating firms will share their findings with the SEC and their clients' audit committees, and the SEC subsequently will issue a report.
Presently, 11 European countries (Portugal, Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Austria, Finland, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany and Ireland) are participating in the launch of this single currency.
The National Program Office is responsible for overall project management and technical assistance to the participating states.

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