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Specifically, the action will support Non-State Actors (NSA) and Local Authorities in transparent and participatory decision-making at County level.
7) Nevertheless, if the prefigurative democratic potential of labour unions is to progress from vague ideal to strategic goal, we need to clarify a number of analytical issues concerning democracy in labour unions and the theory of participatory democracy; and learn from historical examples where democratic unions have served as a template and training ground for the expansion of democracy into other institutions.
Chapter on local power (Articles 131 and 139) states that local communities are based on mechanisms of participatory democracy to ensure the involvement of citizens and the civil society in drawing up and monitoring development programmes, adding that these provisions require their application on the ground.
The participatory approach has been applied with success in a wide variety of situations.
Like those of us who support participatory economics, advocates of libertarian municipalism, ecosocialism, and communitarian anarchism all argue that there is no place for either private enterprise or markets in a truly desirable economy.
The short answer is that activists' practice of participatory democracy is profoundly new, thanks in part to a feature of contemporary protest that is as striking as its democratic slogans: its reliance on digital media.
The draft law to create participatory Islamic banks was first adopted by Cabinet on 16 January 2014m with Minister-Delegate for the Budget Driss Azami arguing that a legislative framework for the sector was "necessary given the belief that participatory financial products and services can make an important contribution to the mobilisation of savings and financial inclusion in Morocco.
Participatory : we can deduce concepts such as effort--effectiveness--reaction-- data division--situation of difficulty for solving--Participatory of decision making from Participatory description.
Based on a 2009 ECPR joint session held in Potsdam, this collection assesses discursive interactions among ordinary citizens during participatory budgeting assemblies in Rome and Paris, an online deliberation experiment in Finland, e-democracy initiatives in Sweden, local recalls in Poland and Slovakia, and local participation in Spain.
The course, "Enhancing Expertise of Community Partners to Promote Equity in Community-Based Participatory Research" will cover why community partners are essential to reduce health disparities.
The conference will make civil society recommendations for democratic, representative and inclusive local governments, having effective and efficient processes of participatory decision-making and mechanisms for citizens-led accountability and transparency.
Participatory learning and action--a health education approach that uses dialogue and problem solving--appears to be an effective and cost-effective strategy to improve maternal and neonatal survival in low-resource settings, according to a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials in low- and middle-income countries.

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