particular characteristic

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References in classic literature ?
The particular characteristic of this was that more songs were made than cannons fired during its continuance.
The memo makes clear that agents may take race, ethnicity and other factors into account during investigations if they have information linking a person of a particular characteristic to a specific crime.
The company says in real terms, this particular characteristic of the ultrasonic moulding process means that 15 mm long parts with wall thicknesses of 0.
Choose two quite different ones or if you want to concentrate on a particular characteristic or colour, choose plants which display these features.
These factors could be a presidential neurosis, a need to demonstrate a particular characteristic such as being strong, or an acceptance of a particular theory such as the "domino theory" of communism as was cited by American political leaders to justify initiating a policy to send troops into combat.
There is a special focus in the report on family-run businesses in the Middle East, as this is a particular characteristic of the region's commercial landscape.
The Christian vision has the particular characteristic of asserting and justifying the unconditional value of the human person "(#18)" Respect for life .
and then proceeds to identify the animals using a particular characteristic.
The opinion explained: "Directly targeting a person who has a particular characteristic is not the only way of discriminating against him or her; there are also other, more subtle and less obvious ways of doing so.
The impact on the facial muscles produces a particular characteristic feature called risus sardonicus, or "sardonic grin," in which the angles of the mouth are drawn down, exposing taught clenched teeth.
A commitment to the politics of class as well as gender and the development of a distinctively socialist feminist perspective was a particular characteristic of feminist historical work in Britain, and class and capitalism were central to much British feminist history, generating debates about the relationship between capitalism and patriarchy.
In any specific storage application, the preferred medium is selected because of a particular characteristic that is superior to that offered by the other options.