particular course of action

See: procedure
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However, while the electricity and farming bodies produce guidance on the matter, the so-called 'national voluntary agreement' does not commit any party to a particular course of action.
Ultimately, though, the outcome was beyond their control, as it so often is in circumstances where the private sector is determined to pursue a particular course of action.
The Interior Department is not bound to a particular course of action but by law must evaluate all parts of the outer continental shelf for possible leasing.
We expect the media to educate public opinion on what is advisable and what is not by informing the people of the benefits and adverse consequences of following a particular course of action," he added.
He adds: "There are numerous other ways in which inheritance tax liabilities can be reduced, and advice should always be taken from a suitably qualified professional before undertaking any particular course of action.
The Company does not intend to disclose any developments with respect to this strategic review process until such time as the Board approves a particular course of action or otherwise determines that further disclosure is appropriate or required.
Where a client takes a more active role in exploring the choices available, there is more likelihood of them sticking to a particular course of action, and being able to manage any similar problems in the future.
Are we really more concerned when a man-ager implores a referee to take a particular course of action than when a player's physical health is endangered?
And neither will you appreciate anyone trying to force you down one particular course of action.
While we are satisfied with the panel s conclusions, it must be remembered that the report is advisory only; it will help to inform cabinet but it does not commit cabinet to a particular course of action.
Pat THIS dream indicates that you are trying to pursue a particular course of action in your waking life but are finding it difficult to make progress.