particular matter

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References in classic literature ?
Custom was all we went by, and our custom in this particular matter was rather promiscuous .
But the chief ground of my satisfaction with thus method, was the assurance I had of thereby exercising my reason in all matters, if not with absolute perfection, at least with the greatest attainable by me: besides, I was conscious that by its use my mind was becoming gradually habituated to clearer and more distinct conceptions of its objects; and I hoped also, from not having restricted this method to any particular matter, to apply it to the difficulties of the other sciences, with not less success than to those of algebra.
That particular matter, the matter of your censorship of a certain letter, has been the subject of a grave and earnest conference here between us all.
The details of his method students should observe for themselves in their study of the poems, but one particular matter should be mentioned.
The manager has never indicated he wishes to leave the club and I have spoken with Tommy regarding this particular matter.
These projects have clean up over 7,900 engines, and reduced 400 tons/year of particular matter, 6,800 tons/year of NOx, and 400,000 tons/year CO2.
The disciplinary process in this particular matter is ongoing.
What was particular matter that need was felt to bug the telephones of SC.
Some evidence that we have collected at a couple of the scenes, and some other information we have, leads us to believe that this particular matter was ISIS-inspired," he added.
During the last IHF Congress, there was no motion by any member federation on this particular matter.
The state's conflict of interest law prohibits a municipal employee from acting as an agent for anyone other than the municipality in connection with a particular matter to which the municipality is a party or in which it has a direct and substantial interest.
But in this particular matter, we think that they have drawn a wrong conclusion, and we disagree with it.