particular one

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References in classic literature ?
This particular one, which was all ladies, had more kick in it than most, but succumbed after a struggle.
I remember in particular one that hung in the Ti, and which Mehevi--supposing as a matter of course that I was able to repair it--had put into my hands for that purpose.
It was inevitable that the particular one into which she would evolve should be determined by the type of man she might happen to marry, inevitable that she would become, to a large degree, what he wished and expected, that her thoughts would take on the complexion of his.
I've complained to Coventry Council about the state of the buildings, in particular one shop that is full of bricks and rubble and has no roof or no back to the building.
Tracy O'Donnell, Teesside Hospice retail area manager and beekeeper, said: "We were delighted to receive the beautiful hive; this particular one is based on Steel House, Redcar.
But you might just make an exception for this particular one, as Nigel Slater and farmer Adam Henson join forces for a series that's actually more educational than 'foodie.
I had bigger offers than the Almeria one, in particular one from Germany, but I wanted to stay attached to Liverpool, an important team for me," Suso said.
30pm Reality shows are ten a penny, so what has this particular one got above all the others that enables it to stand the test of time so well?
And they will doubtless be able to explain the pluses of a vegetated roof and how this particular one has the added benefit of rainwater storage.
Jo Malone candles are the best in the world and I don't usually splash out on things like that but I adore the smell of this particular one.
This particular one was off the radar for decades until it literally came out of the closet after a nationwide search.
As a housewarming gift, she gave this particular one to me so it could take pride of place on my wall.