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Likewise with identity politics, but the basis of unity became narrower and narrower through the process of particularisation of the great unifying principles which existed at the birth of the social movements.
Most of the articles that follow thus avoid the pitfalls that befall such a blinding particularisation of issues.
In and through their transformations, Dreamings end up by experiencing a particularisation into lesser and more limited being.
C'est donc a travers les deux mouvements fondamentaux de depolitisation et de particularisation qu'il nous faut penser une nouvelle forme de citoyennete, que nous avons designee sous le vocable de << citoyennete incorporee >>.
Pour obtenir un portrait global du SGP, la particularisation de son application rend necessaire de completer l'etude des instruments de la CNUCED et du GATT de 1947 par celle des schemas nationaux de preferences des pays developpes.
While analysing the management process at ITC, it is important to detect elementary operation that will call separate operations elementary if their further particularisation has no sense within the limits of the synthesis of this structure.