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She covers the scandal of the scandal of particularity, whether he is she, why it is so, where Wisdom shall be found, re-cognizing Jesus-Women Wisdom, and scandalous invitations.
The important point to be made is that universality and particularity are not in opposition but in continuity.
Their critics say they confront an insurmountable obstacle in the particularity problem: Since natural duties do not bind us to some persons and institutions more strongly than to others, they cannot support a duty to one particular state or society.
The topics were The Particularity of Revelation; The Authority of the Text; The People Israel, The People of God (chosenness); The Particularity of Place (land and the embodiment of the divine); Worship and the Particularity of the Other; and Particularity and the Public Square (the role of religion in democracy).
Liberation within empowerment, the theme that ran through my first essay, was one thing: seeing Israel and Jews themselves through the lenses of particularity was another.
The same is true, as we will see, of the opposition between universality and particularity.
On appeal, the Ninth Circuit reversed, holding that "the particularity requirement of the Fourth Amendment applies with full force to the conditions precedent to an anticipatory search warrant.
2) Our emphasis here, in other words, is on the value of historical and material particularity in mediating this "point.
Keizer reads works by five authors from the US and the Anglophone Caribbean as expressions of black theories of subjectivity, and sets each of these fictional theories against what she calls an "established" theory of identity formation to show how theories that "arise from the particularity and variety of black experience, re-imagined in fiction, force us to reconsider the conceptual bases of established theories of subjectivity" (2).
The second particularity of the descent of things from the invincible realm of the Divine Treasures to the spiritual domain of the isthmus, and then to the corporeal and natural world, is that the object of descent never leaves the real presence of the origin of descent.
TRJ, aiming "To Be The Best Place to Find Music," operates an extensive network of more than 100 outlets in Japan and has developed a very strong brand, particularity among young people and music lovers.
It swallows up all our particularity so that the One, set against our many, might pour into the world an unassailable love.