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Thus chapter 2 re-examines the assumption that the particularization of spaces in private homes was engendered by a desire for privacy and self-expression, suggesting instead that the atomization of space may actually have resulted in less privacy (guests were now invited into more domestic spaces than in the days of the medieval great hall) and been largely a result of the desire to display one's possessions.
The particularization of costuming in the Fleury plays can be read as a dramatic manifestation of a wider twelfth-century preoccupation with identity construction.
We see this reaction at work in Crane's desire towards particularization in every circumstance.
emphasizes the importance of differentiation and particularization in the sptead of electrical medicine.
45) This insight may help to explain our suspicions of so-called "naked statistical proof," though humans seem to go overboard in the other direction and irrationally overvalue the illusory particularization of such things as eyewitness identification.
As put by Daniel Webster, arguing the Whig position in the 1840s: "Enumeration, specification, particularization, was evidently the design of the Framers of the Constitution.
through particularization defeat its purposes by providing loopholes for
Taking up Yolngu notions an, d contexts of the interplay between restricted 'inside and open 'outside' knowledge, he considers how both restriction and revelation of knowledge pertaining to ancestors is produced through the manipulation of semantic generalization and particularization in types of graphic form.
In hip prostheses, particularization of UMWPE and polymethylmethacrylate, a bone cement, can cause a foreign-body giant cell reaction and bone lyses related to the relatively large size of the particles created by wear (32-34).
This study of particularization subsumes at least two tasks.
But the great attention paid in the novel to the particularization of character is itself such a large question that we will consider only one of its more manageable aspects: the way that the novelist typically indicates his intention of presenting a character as a particular individual by naming him in exactly the same way as particular individuals are named in ordinary life" (18).