partisan competition

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ing] clues, as objective as we can make them, indicating that partisan competition has reached an extremity of unfairness.
In Texas, where the partisan competition is almost imaginary, a conservative officeholder can get into all kinds of political trouble without threat from the other party.
He recalled the 1953 encounter between the Gold Coast and Nigeria, part of the (then) regular, very partisan competition that took place between the two fierce rivals each year.
Taking administration and politics seriously reveals how states shape the balance and exercise of power within the federal government, as well as how they facilitate national partisan competition and nationwide political change.
have recently suggested that partisan competition stemming from divided
Rapid economic and demographic change (European immigration and deepening industrialism) in a context of tough partisan competition set the stage for politicians, first Democratic-Republicans and then Democrats, to develop and exploit the discourse of racial ascription.
Many factors explain these differences, including state population and demographics, size of legislative districts, the size and complexity of state government, economic conditions, partisan competition and legislative tradition.
A brief outline of American electoral history for the past thirty-five years reveals how these two interrelated domains strongly reflect the degree to which national politics and partisan competition have become centered around appeals to culturally and racially conservative white voters, who still make up the bulk of the American electorate.
This indicates that partisan competition at the local level is just as heated as at the federal level.
The pan-Canadian, two-party plus system of partisan competition that had matured under Pearson, Trudeau and Mulroney was in tatters as constitutional politics, regionalism, ideological debates and public cynicism undermined the Mulroney coalition of the 1980s.