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Bengal was first partitioned in 1905, when the British tried to separate east from west Bengal because they were alarmed by the growing militancy of the nationalist movement and wanted to counter that nationalist fervor with Muslim support, specifically the aristocratic and professional Muslim elite of East Bengal; in 1947 Bengal was partitioned into Bengal and East Pakistan; and in 1971, East Pakistan became the independent nation-state of Bangladesh.
5 with new partitioned collection capabilities that make it easier to manage time- series data in MongoDB applications.
2) Strictly speaking, of course, Palestine was not actually partitioned, since the UN partition plan of 1947 was never put into practice; the 'two-state' solution seeks to officially implement partition for the first time.
lt;p>I know some people who have partitioned their Macs' hard drives for decades, but can't really give a good reason for doing it.