partitioned space

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1] new elegant airport lounge at its hub in Brussels is designed by notable architecture and design firm SOM (Skidmore, Owings and Merrill LLP), the lounge has room for 18 First Class and 59 Premiere passengers within its partitioned space.
Features include flexible floor plates for open plan or partitioned space, suspended ceilings with recessed lighting and optional air conditioning, along with ample parking and an excellent road network.
The door and partitioned space to the right of it are new additions, replacing a trap door entrance.
Office workers in organizations of over 5,000 employees (40 percent) and heavy computer users (45 percent) reported more frequently that they currently occupy partitioned space, as compared with 32 percent of workers overall.
There was work everywhere, from paintings, collages, and videos to assemblages and sculptures, arranged within a number of partitioned spaces that divided the gallery floor, which was painted with a black-and-white triangular pattern that evolved into colorful floral forms and other more organic-looking motifs as it snaked around the gallery.
Applications for MatrixScan are practically anywhere logical zoning and point annunciation in open or partitioned spaces is desirable and possible (See Note 1).
Its philosophical underpinnings were progressive, but many companies saw these partitioned spaces as a way to save money by reducing real estate costs.
There are also a large number of partitioned spaces and flexible work areas with easily moveable furniture that can be readily reconfigured for networking events or impromptu brainstorming sessions.