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2012) who reported that post parturient milk production was increased by prepartum negative DCAD diet.
The present study was conducted in 60 term, primi or second gravida parturients with active phase of labor, with cervical dilatation 3-5 cm, with single fetus, vertex presentation belonging to ASA Class I or II.
Three large-sample prospective observational studies successfully reported their experience of using different types of the LMAs in more than 4700 parturients and reported no cases of aspiration but one case of regurgitation, although it should be noted that low-risk patients were selected in these studies.
A study was conducted by Wesam Farid Mousa et al (6) (2012) on the effect of epidural analgesia on the duration of labour in primiparous parturient.
Key words: Parturient haemoglobinuria, ranking order, epidemiological study, active surveillance, buffalo.
Analysis of the six parturient women who were diagnosed HIV positive in labour, showed they were all young women (25-39year old), and sexually active in the index pregnancy.
In addition, parturient satisfaction was recorded before and after episiotomy repair.
Out of 100 parturient, 59 (59%) gave birth to neonates with birth weight 2.
All isolates from 1 woman at 28 weeks' gestation, 1 parturient woman and her newborn child, and 2 newborn twins (no samples from the mother were available) showed the same PFGE pattern with the restriction enzyme AscI (arbitrarily named as pattern A) and were ST87 (Figure).
These data are sub-sample analysis of a cross-sectional study conducted in 2009 among parturient women attending Brazilian public hospitals.
While this was not a raid, it can be taken as a parturient raid.
The parturient has been recognized as important and aware, deserving an opportunity to give vaginal delivery.