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None of the infants of HIV positive parturients tested positive to HIV DNA PCR at six weeks and 24 weeks.
Parturients with intrauterine dead fetus were excluded.
With the increasing awareness among the female population in the developing world, most patients are aware of the term labour analgesia providing a memorable delivery is every obstetrician's wish and the parturients dream.
Failure to react decisively is in itself a choice, which may have serious consequences for private parturients in the not too distant future.
The parturient with a potentially difficult airway should sometimes be intubated while awake, without anaesthesia or neuromuscular block.
The use of remifentanil in general anesthesia for cesarean section in a parturient with severe mitral stenosis and pulmonary edema.
The investigators studied 13,109 parturients in the hospital's perinatal database between October 2005 and December 2009.
The study included a total of 30 parturients hospitalized in the institution with diagnosis of effective labor, 28 employees working in the morning, afternoon and night periods, in the prenatal and childbirth sector, among them are physicians, obstetrician nurses, auxiliary and technician nurses and students and professors of graduation and residency programs in nursing and medicine.
However, results may have been underestimated because not all parturients with a positive syphilis test result and fetal deaths were investigated.
Also, it's possible that ketamine might not have a large impact among healthy parturients, but it might among those who are at increased risk for depression or chronic pain, she said.