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The DUP is in disarray following its leader's decision to have the party contest in the elections without consulting the party's institutions.
Send your answer to Penguin Party Contest, PO Box 4018, London E14 5BL, by Friday, August 24, with a contact phone number.
LABOUR leadership contender David Miliband yesterday arrived in Cardiff Bay with a promise to campaign for more powers for the Assembly if he wins the party contest.
The Conservative manifesto promised a 'safer, greener, cleaner Wales' as the party contest a record 40% of the seats in Wales, compared to 27% in 2004.
Sadly union money may have been used on the meaningless Labour party contest for which Hain was a candidate.
After learning via a telephone survey that 97 percent of girls age 8 to 15 have been to a slumber party, and 64 percent have attended more than three in the last year, Crown Crafts kicked off the Pillow Buddies Ultimate Slumber Party contest, asking young girls to write a 50-word essay describing their dream sleepover.
com today announced the Pink Wig Party contest winners.
We also want to thank the tens of thousands of consumers that participated in the Orbitz Vacation Party contest by way of video submissions, votes for the winning candidates and in sharing in the various stages of the campaign via social media.
She takes on Bruce Jones - Corrie''s Les Battersby -presenter Yvette Fielding, and one-time Catchphrase host Roy Walker in the dinner party contest.
And Brown remains runaway favourite to win in a party contest.
The victor in the leadership party contest was planning a walkabout on Queen Street, Cardiff, as part of a tour of the country.