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Islamabad -- Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan on Sunday called the party leadership to Islamabad today (Monday) to review the results of local body polls and devise the future strategy, local media quoting sources reported.
LABOUR Party leadership contender Jeremy Corbyn will visit Nuneaton tonight.
They openly challenged the party leadership and sought opinions of volunteers in Swaraj Samvaad on the formation of a new party.
No worker is allowed to raise criticism over party leadership and those indulging in such practice will meet the same fate, he warned.
He criticized his party leadership for neglecting the workers and leaders who stood by the party in difficult time and gave sacrifices.
Rabbani further warned that the PPP too has reservations on the elections results but the party leadership does not want to destabilise the present democratic setup for the sake of democracy in the country.
He further said the participation of the DUP ministers is not affected by the ministerial change operated among the NCP ministers, underscoring that only the party leadership and its leader can decide on such matters.
Shi had the company of Chen Bin, the Chief Accountant and member of the party leadership group of China Guodian Corporation, and Huang Qun, Secretary of Party Leadership Group of China Longyuan Power.
Ishikawa has vowed to "renew" the party and rebuild its power by appointing young people to the party leadership, while Yoshida has argued for a departure from the party's dependence on labor unions and promoting cooperation with civic groups and local communities.
Speaking to the Sunday Mail, the DIKO MP said there was nothing untoward regarding the rush to register on the party's electoral roll ahead of the party leadership elections on December 1.
This should be a test to any party leadership and in case of bad results the leadership of the party and its leader should take responsibility, he says.
Mr Huhne lost the 2007 party leadership election to Nick Clegg by just 511 votes.