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Addressing a gathering at Banda Dost Mohammad Khan at Kohat district held in connection with peace agreement between two rival groups dispute over construction of a primary school, the advisor appealed people to rise above party politics by supporting the government's endeavours for completion of developmental projects especially in education and health sectors.
Party Politics won the Grand National five days before the 1992 general election, while Character Building (seventh) was bought before the 2010 vote, and Benvolio's purchase coincides with another election year.
Yet I feel party politics gets in the way of the decisions some make.
The monarchy neither wants nor claims political power and the Royal Family must steer clear of party politics, as they do.
Firstly, politics exists outside the framework of party politics and, where there is real power, party politics takes a back seat.
When efforts to unite the new opposition failed, which led to the departure of some political parties from the group, Camara, out of frustration over the need of a united opposition, resigned, and has since been absent from active party politics due to his ill condition.
20 ( ANI ): Information and Broadcasting Minister Manish Tewari on Tuesday defended the effectiveness of the present Food Security Bill, and said that the opportunity to feed 81 crore Indians should not be sacrificed at the behest of party politics.
Lord Storey said: "Why should we stand when someone else is taking a principled stand about the way party politics is run.
Mr Osborne is free to play party politics with his own money but to squander public assets to buy votes would be a giant fraud.
Revolutionary models like the ones in Eastern Europe in the 1980s and 1990s and the recent revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt demonstrate how central party politics and elections relate to the process of change.
Meanwhile, he called on political parties not to compromise the country's goal of European integration by internal party politics.
This important goal should not fall victim to internal party politics.