party to the suit

See: plaintiff
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Additional arguments were made that Tyler may not have even worn an American Optical respirator and if he did, then 3M, Foundry and the manufacturer of the asbestos products should also be party to the suit since all were wholly responsible.
This is a case involving individuals and the company is not a party to the suit," SODIC said in the statement.
Astro is not a party to the suit, but the company's owner, Rod Blomberg, said it plans to file a lawsuit of its own.
159) One possibility is to interpret the term "affecting" to mean "bound"--as we have seen, the word was sometimes used to refer to the preclusive effect of a judgment on a party to the suit.
The SEC charges that the NAIC "lacks standing" to be a party to the suit and has published a consumer guide that acknowledges that IAs expose holders to investment risk.
Uhl or an associate to name her as party to the suit.
According to Boutrous, Brown filled her books with thousands of jokes taken from Leno and other professional comics, many of them not a party to the suit, including NBC's "Late Night" host Conan O'Brien, Leno's CBS rival, David Letterman, and Comedy Central funnyman Jon Stewart.
It was not immediately clear why Societe Generale is a party to the suit.
While Nurse Betzen was a person whose conduct was considered while determining the hospitals liability, Nurse Betzen was not a party to the suit.
The assignee assumes the liability from a person who was a party to the suit or agreement;
Hearst and the third party to the suit -- a citizens' group called the Committee for a Two-Newspaper Town -- have until Dec.
The Writers Guild of America is not a party to the suit and declined to comment on it.