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A federal advisory committee said in its recently released report that Congress should pass laws to protect Americans' civil liberties when the government sifts through computer records and data files for information about terrorists.
Such concerns have led some countries--such as Sweden--to pass laws separating church and state, in most Anglo-Saxon countries, a strong tradition of tolerance and respect has led to the full acceptance of all kinds of religious practices.
The first part would authorize the Legislature to pass laws determining limits on noneconomic damages for providers of medical or health care.
Then there has to be an infrastructure of companies producing vegan products in order to generate money for advertising (such as Silk from White Wave on National Public Radio), pressure on distributors and stores to carry more vegan products, influence on regulators and legislators to pass laws that favor the industry, and other economies of scale.
Industry partners are urging governments across the region to pass laws to mitigate against domestic oil spills.
Mr Dickie claims Europe is too slow to pass laws to deal with the fast- moving electronic marketplace.
As more states pass laws opening up the electric utility industry, consumers should expect a barrage of tactics similar to those used by long-distance phone companies to attract customers.
We urge our readers to ask state legislatures to pass laws that will require HIV testing of all pregnant women and routine screening for HIV antibodies in newborns.
The media coverage made it politically expedient to pass laws to prevent such schemes.
States that pass laws regulating video game sales might as well just tell voters they have a new way to throw away their tax dollars on wasteful and pointless political exercises that do nothing to improve the quality of life in the state," said Douglas Lowenstein, president of the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), the trade group representing U.
President stressed the need to unify the positions to pass laws affecting the public life of the citizens, especially to speed up passing the General Budget Law ".