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In Hama, all main roads are passable except the roads of Shatha- Jaubet Burghal, jourin-Sulunfa are closed due the snow and the formation of fog.
Heavy snow is reported in the Sliven, Slistra, and Ruse Regions but all roads are passable.
Mr Cowen has the power to unlock funding and ensure that county councils up and down the country keep roads passable and, most importantly, safe.
In Northumberland the A1 Morpeth bypass had one lane closed at one point and was only passable with care, while heavy snow and poor visibility caused problems on the A696 at Ponteland, the A69, the A1 Stannington bypass and the A697 north of Morpeth.
The B4254 was just passable on Gelligaer Road in both directions between the Penywrlod junction and the B4255 junction in Gelligaer.
As an actress, she's simply passable a little stilted with the dialogue and occasionally uncomfortable in front of the camera.
The A939 was closed at three points but the main A96 Aberdeen to Inverness road was passable with care.
Kantine food was passable, and after work, there was just enough energy to make it home and go to bed.
The 5,400-member NACST also gave the bishops failing or barely passable grades on the way they exercise power, communicate, and deal fairly with teachers, and on their practice of the church's own social justice teachings.
It's okay for companies to do a passable back-office job, but why do a passable job if you can go to experts?
Recently, however, archaeologists have discovered evidence of people reaching South America by 12,500 years ago, well before the ice-free inland corridor would have been passable.
Since cranes, like so many of us, have trouble breeding in captivity, a volunteer at the Foundation flaps his arms, wiggles his ears, and flies into a passable imitation of a male in display to get the female--who must think she has now seen it all--to go into estrus.