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Elmgreen & Dragset constructed a sizable and passably realistic Deutsche Scheune (German Barn), 2011, within an empty airplane hangar, using the sheer absurdity of the global circulation of such traditional icons to comment on the impossibility of cultural sensitivity.
I've passed the stage of not getting dressed till 4pm, if at all, but I am still to reach the point where the house is even passably clean and there's a fragrant meal in the oven for my husband coming home from work.
TODAY we're making a threecourse meal and, like awkward galley slaves, are trying to chop, learn, cook and be passably polite in a small space.
The balls of today include a vast number of categories and reward some of the same things as did the older balls, such as "Fem Realness," where the object of the category is to look as passably female as possible.
These washrooms range from pretty horrendous to passably decent, even to, on the odd occasion, surprisingly good.
In passably good Farsi, Bon Jovi contributes the line: Hand in hand, with one voice, you and me, countrymen, your pain, my pain, be with me.
Ben himself learned to play both violin and piano passably and later helped organize the Mennonite Symphony Orchestra in Winnipeg.
It was noted that the patient's complaints of numbnes were passably due to positioning during surgery.
media hypnosis may be passably good at looking back--reexamining some aspects of propaganda for the Iraq invasion, for instance, years after it occurs--while now helping to mesmerize the country into escalation of the war in Afghanistan.
We get an insider's peek at what it's like to corral hundreds of personalities, spiked by jangly hormones - at least among the old set - into a passably cohesive unit that can paddle canoes and hunt for frogs without self-destructing.
As for the sundry other translators, they are of varying quality, with the easier poems usually passably handled.
This is a sense of your ability to do a workout as measured on the following scale: unable, ineffective, passably able, effective, fully able.