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It is useful, I think, to view that process of reconfiguration as a performance, one more than passingly ostentatious, and which is itself thematized in the novel.
And it is more than passingly strange that the PR firm that wrote the checks was owned by the founder of the Birmingham Times--the paper that published her highly favorable stories.
We learn of Ridley, for example, that 'he was passingly well learned, his memorie was great, and he of such reading withal, that of right he deserued to be comparable to the best of this our age' (Actes, p.
Anyone passingly familiar with ecclesiastical protocol and politics sees what's going on here.
The authors mention only passingly a huge increase in adolescent use of highly addictive prescription opioids in spite of the fact that they are used by roughly 8-10% of high school seniors--an order of magnitude beyond heroin use by this group.
And surely most Californians are at least passingly familiar with the work of Arizona Rep.
While passingly affined with recent trends toward the animaloid, Jensen's oeuvre points more forcefully in the direction of such sculptors as Robert Gober and Katarina Fritsch, arch craftspeople in whose work irony and spiritualism are hard to tell apart.
But as Hamilton/Publius passingly implied in The Federalist Nos.
Furthermore, in the absence of any reference to other commentators, any reader passingly familiar with other reconstructions of the text cannot help but wonder how Theunissen would respond to previously established perspectives on the text's conceptual unity.
1986) (finding sham marriage where the husband "was only passingly familiar with the apartment in which [the couple] were supposedly residing and was unable to state within a decade his wife's correct age").