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When alone she sometimes picked it up and kissed the cold glass passionately.
There was an alien object in view--a figure whose right of presence I instantly, passionately questioned.
Nelly has played traitor,' she exclaimed, passionately.
They're letting it die, all shut in by itself," she ended passionately, and she threw her arms over her face and burst out crying-poor little Mistress Mary.
Thrice -- " Before she could catch it for the third time, Norah seized her passionately by the arm, and the parasol dropped to the ground between them.
I noticed, I remember, as he paused, looking at me with his handsome head a little thrown back, and his glass raised in his hand, that, though the freshness of the sea-wind was on his face, and it was ruddy, there were traces in it, made since I last saw it, as if he had applied himself to some habitual strain of the fervent energy which, when roused, was so passionately roused within him.
A good man had a beautiful wife, whom he loved passionately, and never left if possible.
At all events I am not alone in my way of extricating myself from this dilemma; for I find that many of the highest Circles, sitting as Judges in law courts, use praise and blame towards Regular and Irregular Figures; and in their homes I know by experience that, when scolding their children, they speak about "right" or "wrong" as vehemently and passionately as if they believed that these names represented real existences, and that a human Figure is really capable of choosing between them.
Man is sometimes extraordinarily, passionately, in love with suffering, and that is a fact.
The man at the telegraph," said he, "must either engage a gardener or devote himself passionately to agriculture.
Arthur rose from his seat with the last words, and went to one of the windows, looking out and turning his back on Adam, as he continued, passionately, "Haven't I loved her too?
All the South Sea Islanders are passionately fond of fish; but none of them can be more so than the inhabitants of Typee.