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She looks at everything, goes everywhere, passes her way, with her clear quiet eyes wide open; skirting the edge of obscene abysses without suspecting them; pushing through brambles without tearing her robe; exciting, without knowing it, the most injurious suspicions; and always holding her course, passionless, stainless, fearless, charmless
He waited yet one, two, three moments, to let his pause complete and perfect its spell upon the house; then, when through the profound hush he could hear the ticking of the clock on the wall, he put out his hand and took the Indian knife by the blade and held it aloft where all could see the sinister spots upon its ivory handle; then he said, in a level and passionless voice:
No Talleyrand was ever more passionless than Zoraide Reuter
Wingrave was standing upon the hearthrug, cold, passionless, Sphinx-like.
It seemed to her the passionless face of an avenging angel, stamped only with the purpose of the Lord.
With others, I have laughed at the assertions of the savants that modern man is a cold and passionless creation in comparison with the males of former ages--in a word, that love, as the one grand passion, had ceased to exist.
She could not see his face, but she knew in all certitude that it was bleak and passionless in the terrifying way she had seen it when he fought the three Irishmen.
It was the same rounded, pouting, childish prettiness, but with all love and belief in love departed from it--the sadder for its beauty, like that wondrous Medusa-face, with the passionate, passionless lips.
Very slowly came the answer in a thick, passionless guttural-" Yes, I - have seen.
He missed on all his jumps, plummeting to 17th place with a tentative and passionless showing.
With an estimated salary of PS6m per annum, the Blues will want to see tangible signs of progress from his successor Koeman before there is even discussion of an successful Everton's married to But Koeman the throes passionless fling.
They exchanged an older model of purity, which viewed good women as passive and passionless, for a new model of virtue, in which good women's sexual self-restraint proved their capacity for citizenship.