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She looks at everything, goes everywhere, passes her way, with her clear quiet eyes wide open; skirting the edge of obscene abysses without suspecting them; pushing through brambles without tearing her robe; exciting, without knowing it, the most injurious suspicions; and always holding her course, passionless, stainless, fearless, charmless
The terrifying, ageless look had come into his face, the bleak and passionless glaze into his eyes, which she had first seen on the day at Weasel Park when he had fought with the three Irishmen.
Duson entered the sitting-room, noiseless as ever, with pale, passionless face, the absolute prototype of the perfect French servant, to whom any expression of vigorous life seems to savour of presumption.
In its passionless persistence there was something resembling sympathy.
An indistinct idea he had, that the child was desolate and in want of help; for he often drew her to his bosom and bade her be of good cheer, saying that they would not desert each other; but he seemed unable to contemplate their real position more distinctly, and was still the listless, passionless creature that suffering of mind and body had left him.
The simple truth is that 90 minutes of passionless Premier League football is not worth PS40, let alone up to PS60 some try to charge.
If you spend your hard-earned money on a match ticket, it's an insult to witness passionless, mercenary football.
We are told that people are fed up and disillusioned with politics and politicians, I don't believe that is true, what people are fed up with is the same old bland passionless pap that is coming out of Westminster which offers nothing more than the choice of bleak or bleaker.
So many people in the world live mundane lives filled with passionless drudgery.
A SEX scandal that rocked the Victorian art world's powerful and privileged has been reduced to a passionless, lethargic and colourless film.
This season was one month of good football and the rest was boring, timid passionless mediocrity.
It takes Julia (Rashida Jones), his smart, funny, hot American boss, to force him to re-examine his passionless existence.