passive consent

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The theory was simple: No longer able to count on the passive consent of the majority of the population, the government needed the active support of a minority.
25] It also excludes the use of passive consent (informing parents of a study and assuming they have agreed to their child participating, unless otherwise instructed)--a practice frequently used with adolescent school-based studies.
Tessitore objected to Fitchburg using passive consent - if the permission form was not returned, the schools presumed parental permission for minor children to take the survey.
Guided by Article 12 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, the findings support the controversial ethical decision to adopt a passive consent procedure and demonstrated children's competence to express the ways in which violence has affected them.
Is it the doing of Rana Sanaullah alone or is there some element of passive consent from the Sharifs and the Sardars.
It involves passive consent (no verbal or formal written agreement)
Peck seems torn between two explanations for her condition--her involvement with New Age spiritualist cults versus her passive consent to having been sexually molested by her father when she was 12.
Nonvoting is the way many contented people express passive consent to current conditions," George Will wrote, adding cozily: "In a free and constitutional society, elections are of limited importance because life's basic enjoyments are not at risk.
Most of the school systems use passive consent until they are challenged.
A Fitchburg parent is right to demand that school officials drop passive consent or "opt out" options in favor of seeking specific parental permission whenever students are asked to complete risk behavior surveys that contain questions regarding drug use and sexuality.
Arlene Tessitore urged a School Committee policy subcommittee last night at South Street Elementary School to get rid of the practice of using passive consent or "opting out" forms when notifying parents of such surveys.

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