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Possibly trying to compensate for Franco's passiveness, Hathaway was over-enthusiastic.
The roles that have historically been bestowed upon women are those that highlight 'feminine' qualities such as passiveness, obedience, attractiveness, and delicacy (e.
The Milevi sisters complained in addition about the authorities' passiveness in respect of the noise produced by the electronic games club and the office.
It is also crucial for the individuals' life activity or passiveness whether they are the subjects or objects of social life.
In alkaline medium mild steel is fairly resistant to attack by alkali because of passiveness.
the strategic elements of interests, values, goals, aggressiveness, passiveness, and attitude toward risk-taking
This circumstance inevitably conditions the fact that every member of the Seimas tends to demonstrate his oneness or, conversely, passiveness.
Like Plato's chained cave dwellers, viewers rarely even wonder whether what they see and think corresponds to reality or not; to a large extent, they simply take what they see to be the real world and live in a state of passiveness.
EPA charged that passiveness of FPC in the case is at odds with the social environment responsibility for renowned major enterprises worldwide.
Etymologically from passio: suffering, passiveness.
There's no room for passiveness when gunning for the Pac-10 championship, and we had very passive play," Caldwell said.
We have already seen that passiveness cannot be caused by an external thing in itself because it does not admit the critical principle from which Kant and Maimon operate.